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National Orgasm Day

Orgasms relieve stress, reduce heart disease, and help you live longer. We should have more of them!

Go Topless Day

Why is it ok for men to go topless, but not women? Maybe it should even be preferred.

World Sexual Health Day

Time to have those frank conversations about sex and sexuality, and maybe do something about it.

European Sex Day

For the same reason Americanโ€™s find June 9 appropriate, at least some Europeans, where they write the day before the…

Love Note Day

Or step it up a notch and write your lover some personalized erotica.

Massage Day

If you are a tactile person, this is your month. Oct. 1 kicks offย Pro-Touch Awareness Month. Anyone up for a…

Kink Day

How is this different than Fetish Day? Itโ€™s later in the year! Kink describes anything sexually arousing that is out…

Ass Day

Donโ€™t let yourself fall behind on this holiday, or maybe do.

International Fisting Day

Possibly the most specific and extreme day to make this list, its proponents encourage people to โ€œcelebrate this beloved and…